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Before the interaction between consumer and the products there are details that consumers are looking for, which are the main issues of design; aesthetic, function, ergonomic and material. Other than the physical part of design, marketing, production techniques and possibilities are the issues to think about during the design process.

How do you criticise a good design?


When users interact with the designed product, they will be able to determine what is it used for and how. This is the main criteria when you are creating a product. To discover the successful design, search for an attractive point on the products. Design has to distinguish itself from the competition in sector. This is what we are trying to do in the lighting design area.

What is the role of Planlux in lighting design?

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This is an advantage for us to have a multidisciplinary work practices. It is also an opportunity to strengthen the products in the architectural design. Light is indispensable to the creation of architecture, furthermore architecture creates the ground rules for industrial design, particularly in the case of light. First of all, creating a scenario is essential for us because when we design a luminary, we design it for a reason, for specific places.

Any object without a purpose is just a form- a visualisation. We aimed to clarify the function and the quality of manufacture instead of unnecessary decoration. We are trying to use the new technologies and improved lighting equipments to come up with new solutions for the accumulation of waste products and the increasing reliance on products. Undoubtedly, new developments in technology will help us to continue delivering light progressively more. The most essential in product design is material knowledge.

Mac Mars Athletic Club

In Planlux we are trying to combine light and material to give consumers both natural and artificial effects; to let them see light in a different wayother than just a source. One of the main goals during the design process is; keeping the basic material and using its properties such as; metal and its property of reflection; and the other one is following the natural forms which, again, requires a mastery of materials to be able to achieve clarity for the user.

Other than the combination of material and light, aesthetic is a very important essential for our products as well, because of the commercial part of this business. As it is told before, the target of design is consumers, so, besides the features of design, we have to make it pretty as the love at first sight for the consumers. And first of all, as Planlux- lighting designers, we are our own customers. We create products with our needs and desires and impact directly on the quality of our works. As Planlux —Lighting Design Company, we believe, there is a huge gap in the lighting design area in Turkey.

Hence we offer an effective first step and motivating design to gather people into this area. Concept lighting design and application control service Planlux Team has participated in the development of Cinemaximum cinemas of Mars Entertainment Group between the years Turk Mall.

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