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  1. How to use the function keys on your Mac
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On a computer running Mac OS X Chrome OS. On a computer running Chrome OS:. On an Android device:.

How to use the function keys on your Mac

On an iPhone or iPad iOS :. You can connect your Logitech Keyboard K to as many as three Bluetooth wireless devices at a time.

After confirming there is an active connection between the device and the keyboard, proceed with the instructions below. After pairing the keyboard with your devices, you can select a device to use with the keyboard To select a device Turn the selector dial to the channel you used to connect the computer, tablet, or smartphone to the keyboard.

The light next to the associated connect button slowly blinks before turning solid blue for 5 seconds, confirming the selection. Now use the keyboard to type on the selected computer or mobile device.


Logitech Options for PC. Logitech Keyboard Plus App for Android. You can easily reconnect with a device at any time. To swap devices. Key label colors and split lines identify functions or symbols reserved for different devices and operating systems. Split keys Modifier keys on either side of the space bar display two sets of labels separated by split lines. The label above the split line identifies the modifier sent to a Windows, Android, or Chrome device.

The label below the split line identifies the modifier sent to an Apple Macintosh, iPhone, or iPad. The keyboard automatically uses modifiers associated with the currently selected device. Universal keys All other keys perform the same action on all devices and operating systems. Function keys.

Read More. But despite its name, the Magic Keyboard is rather bland. Any emergency requires us to take a moment or two and assess the situation. That way we aren't just reacting, we are acting Read More and need a backup third-party keyboard to tide you over until you can get it repaired or replaced.

Keyboard shortcuts in Excel for Mac - Excel for Mac

Modern Macs support nearly all USB and Bluetooth devices, so any USB or Bluetooth keyboard you find should be compatible without issue — at least for basic features like typing standard keys. That being said, things are improving at least where certain manufacturers are concerned. Here's how to use macros effectively and how they can supercharge your gaming.

Read More is available for Mac! Going to buy something instead?

Any questions?

Here's what you should know before you commit to a purchase. Read More because they feel so good and last so long. To connect a USB keyboard, simply plug it in — the system will detect it. Second, click Modifier Keys… to rearrange the modifier keys. Third, I recommend enabling the checkbox for Use F1, F2, etc.

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Lastly, alter the Key Repeat how quickly a key repeats when held down and the Delay Until Repeat how long before the key repeating kicks in settings to your liking. It's outdated and outclassed by several alternatives, yet it's still the most popular keyboard layout in the world. How did we get here?

Yes, you can keep that Windows Keyboard you love so much

Read More , or if you have a foreign language keyboard, then you can set that up in the Input Sources section. I recommend enabling the Show Input menu in menu bar checkbox. If you need to tweak your keyboard even further than the system preferences allow, you may want to install Karabiner for El Capitan and before or the lightweight subset Karabiner-Elements for Sierra and after.

I use Karabiner-Elements.