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Originally Posted by NaamanF. Originally Posted by speakerboy. Haha, no Crysis. Just for gulp DVD playback, and a nice audio card, maybe Auzentech or something. You can read about more of those on MP3Car. Rep Power: 0. Why you need power? DVD is done in the background with a real processor, so a dualcore should be mooooore than enough.

What OS? What Display? More than that processor power should be plenty. Sorry I actually meant 2. I don't see the need for using a dual core CPU since no software made for car use is going to take advantage of the second core. I probably never needed anywhere near W it was a desktop PC with about 1GHz non-mobile high current consuming processor, MB ram, 2 5.

DIY: Mac-mini Carputer

I have an m2atx DC psu i have sitting here unused. I had a carputer for a while but lcd fried so i ripped carputer out of car. I'll tell you this the m2atx is rated at watts, not max. Search for power calculator or power supply calculator on there. There are a few out there. Video cards need power from the 5V and 3. A regular Pentium4 is noisy and power hungry. Maybe one day, enough lemmings will fill the trench, and people can cross over to the promised Nirvana. Originally Posted by durwood. Join Date: Jul It has got more power than most people need in a multimedia setup and is a power sipper at 35W full load.

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Another alternative is to use a circuit in which shutdown and poweron by an inverter is controlled by the ignition. Originally Posted by Megalomaniac. I use the opus w m-atx power supply since I use a micro-atx board. You kinda have to figure out what type of setup you want. My processor is intel core 2 duo mhz, 4MB cache, 1. I know personally I had some shutdown issues with the psu 1st generation one's lately when the car is setting when the engine is off, the carputer would shut off then reboot.

I think the power supply is going dead. I have had the power supply for four years.


Now I get the thump in my speaker when the carputer starts up. Originally Posted by sedtc. Quote message in reply? Register Now. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. User Name :. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. BB code is On.

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My carputer finished lots of pics

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Reply 6 years ago on Introduction. Two different systems and require different logic. I use both and they both have pros and cons but for each system you have to forget what you know on either. It's like comparing a drag racer to a speed boat - they are fantastic but require different skills. Reply 5 years ago on Introduction. If you BUY an operating system then you are buying into the system that made it If you can't read and change the code you don't own it- you are owned by it. How is this an instructable? There's nothing showing us how to do this Please remove this. Brendan, Of course it's an instructable, I show details of how to build a computer into a car..

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This post is informing us what you did, not how you did it. Check out all the other instructables on this site. They give details as to how it is done, instructing us on the procedures to acomplish such a task.

DIY Carputer Hardware for the Ultimate System

Saying I took it to a professional to get it done is no use to us I would say just don't crash at all :. More by the author:. Add Teacher Note. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It!