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It means passive cooling of cards is more difficult, which makes airflow more critical. Most GPUs these days have their own active cooling systems, but at least some of them might be possible to cool passively in a BTX case. Sitting in a room with a few Mac Pro towers, I have never noticed the fans. Anytime I open them up, I want to take a picture. I have a deep affection for my Mac Pro, even though its really long overdue for replacement. It just feels like a special bit of kit. My HP Z works well as a space heater also. However it does have a GTX and 2 3. My G5 however is used to prop the bedroom door open, allowing the Z to vent into the rest of the living space.

Power Mac G5 Repair - iFixit

Also doubles up as a stool, or a small table. How happy are you with your Z? Some of the biggest pluses to a Z is the financial cost. I made the mistake of buying a barebones Z that had the earlier revision board in it, so i purchased a replacement for all the features. Also noting, is the Z has a built-in floppy controller. These are fantastic workstations. They are cheap to buy as barebones make sure you get the heatsinks with the chassis and the older Xeon CPUs are inexpensive. Watch out for the same thing Theking said above about the motherboards.

The Mighty Power Mac G5

The Z mobo possibly the same as the Z has two revisions. The older one will only support Xeon series CPUs. Yes, make sure you buy with heatsinks. I tried to keep my Z as stock as possible, even going as far as buying the official card reader for it. I never realized how slow they were until i was getting better framerates on a macbook air than that XW with a GTX was.

I have a XW that I used before getting the Z I can easily recommend any of the Z series.

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Even the Z and Z if you can get them cheap enough although for the Z you might as well get the HP Elite or as they are very similar. It is a really great small form factor PC. And while you can build your system with skyscraper like massive fan and fin coolers, liquid AIO all in one CPU coolers make it easy to move heat from the middle of the motherboard to the outside edge of the case.

Of course, if you choke down the air intakes with tempered glass for aesthetic purposes, your cooling will, for lack of a better term, suck. However, the cheesegrater Mac Pro, properly decked out, is still a great machine which can still rival and in some cases surpass more modern Macs. The ability for it to house multiple optical drives and multiple big spinning hard disks in addition to PCIe cards makes it a unique and special Mac.

I have five of them that I picked up several years ago saved from the garbage. They do look fantastic though. A G5 running Leopard which one can make the argument that Mac OS X went downhill from there is a great machine for a lot of content creation and some basic web browsing with TenFourFox. I run and blog some about my 2. There is still a solid PPC community sharing tips and figuring out how to hack around Dropbox to keep it working and make use of other things. Having briefly owned a era Mac Pro, I can say that Apple reached the pinnacle of good workstation design with that tower.

Not a single tool is necessary to add or change components, and it is virtually silent even at full throttle, compared to any other workstation on the market at the time. Singularity[1] has some nice hardware for approaching what I would consider a good custom build, and they have a partner in the Netherlands Highflow , you may want to check them out. November 18, Disc. June 9, Disc.

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October 19, Disc. April 27, Disc. A EMC Complete Power Macintosh G5 1. It's stupid, but that was a revelation for me. I couldn't even tell it was turned on or not, except from the occasional hard drive seeking noise - which I fixed with an SSD.

Power Mac G5 - Technical Specifications

And 7 years later it still is as silent. Unfortunately Apple is now focusing on keyboards with no depth and whatnot, so I'm back to building my own but I do keep in mind the lessons. I can hear myself think again.

I think I currently have 7 or 8 fans, all high-quality and large, and all spinning as slowly as possible. I can't hear anything, and it's wonderful. You could try using a third party keyboard with a mac. I run an iMac with a mechanical keyboard, and the only thing I can hear is myself type :.

I meant the keyboard thing in general with regards to their apparent engineering direction. My current hackintosh does have a very loud keyboard otherwise :. Other than the common correlation with electricity usage and possible environmental benefits, I have trouble sharing the concern for the loudness of a powerful PC.

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Unless room space is very limited, I always just kept my PCs far enough away from my desk that the sound of fans became little more than regular ambient noise, not very noticeable against the fans or air conditioning I already had. The only sounds that I ever even noticed were shorter irregular ones, like spinning disks. Perhaps the problem is simply more noticeable to other people, especially those with more powerful and thus louder machines, or people with smaller spaces who have their machines much closer, like on their desk or around their feet.

I care about ambient noise much more for other applications, like laptops or home theater PCs. For both of those, I have a strong preference for fanless models if at all possible.

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For machines like iMacs, the problem of placement is obviously unavoidable, but I struggle to understand why that form factor is desirable for a very powerful machine. These days it is actually pretty easy to casually use liquid cooling for CPU and GPU fans which ends up being significantly quieter. You've never seen the rig of a competent PC modder before that? Apropos, here these old Powermacs still fetch a nice price, because their cases are valued by modders for ATX conversions.

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No, as I said I didn't imagine it possible from what I was used to, so I never spent the effort to look it up. I thought the difference would be between loud and very loud. CodeWriter23 on Nov 27, This is still one of the most beautiful desktop cases ever made. Hopefully the Mac Pro will come back to a similar design.

All I would hope is that the design be pragmatic, rather than heroic. The Trashcan was pure heroic design, throwing massive resources at a problem that barely existed, pro desktops being too bulky. The G5 tower was almost the exact opposite, simply an elegant, thoughtfully-designed take on a proven, pragmatic form factor. Couldn't agree more. Giving an engineering statement of some sort.

Agree with your sentiment. Keyframe on Nov 27, They could even name it Centris or something like that - to indicate it's in the middle of their offering.

On a serious note, try a hackintosh in the mean time. It's not difficult at all. I like the Centris idea. We might as well call the Mac Pro Performa instead to emphasize its performance. DerekL on Nov 28, I was a teenager when the G5 came out and instantly fell in love with the design. Could not afford one of course, so built many computers with Lian-Li cases over the years all inspired more or less by the G5. They still make the best PC aluminium chassis for any form factor in my opinion, and I have fond memories of assembling HTPC:s, desktop workstations and "bookshelf cubes" for my friends and relatives, all using Lian-Li cases.

Many times more or less dead silent again, impressed by my first experience with the G5 , I remember going to some lengths with replacing fans on graphics cards, CPUs and using passive power supplies. Should I ever want to though, finding the right case should be easy. H1Supreme on Nov 27, Especially at the time it was released. As someone who's had both the PM-G5 and the MP, I wasn't impressed with the acoustics of either of them, even at idle. Guilty as charged] The early to mid year Mac Pros were certainly good value for money though.