If i delete downloads on mac will i lose my music


  1. Keep Songs Downloaded from Apple Music Forever
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At least you can feel good about doing that task! If your Downloads folder does not list all of the date-related columns, go to the View menu and select View Options to see which are available to you.

Apple has added some of these in OS X This will open a Finder window. On the left-hand Sidebar, the Downloads folder is typically listed, though you could have removed it from the Sidebar.

Keep Songs Downloaded from Apple Music Forever

Click on the Finder icon on your Dock. Click on the Go menu, at the top of your screen, and select Go To Folder. Hence, you will no longer be able to download the items from your past purchases. If you would like to have this content back in your library you will need to purchase it again.

I just recently changed my country from India to the USA. I have not back up and no alternative to retrieve my old songs. Besides, I have been using Apple Music for a year. So a considerable chunk of music was never available in offline format. Any help how I can retrieve my Apple Music back? Ansh, I had the same problem with changing country and I already cursed Apple.

Don't forget to turn off iCloud. I have just changed my country from India to the USA. Now, I am in the States and upon changing the country and re-subscribing to Apple Music all my songs are removed now. Almost songs. Is there a way to get them back? I am incredibly disappointed - I have a huge collection in the US of 45s, old cassettes, and vinyl which I have been slowly adding editing the files, etc.

Step 1: Learn what deleting your account means

I live overseas. Can anyone help? I am beyond disappointed with iTunes and if I can get out of this will migrate to something much more reliable Some useful advice here, but I have still not resolved my issue even after having spoken to Apple Support! I found I could not install certain local apps because my iTunes account was located in the UK.

In order to change the location I had to delete iTunes Match. As I was half way through an annual subscription I had to do this by contacting Apple Support which I did on Sunday morning. Apple Support assured me it would not affect my music library.

Apple Music doesn’t delete your music files. Here's how it works | Macworld

Next thing I know the library was completely gone. With some toggling I managed to get a very small part of it back mostly just recent downloads - 13 albums from what must have been several hundred or even thousand. The agent suggested I repurchase iTunes Match which I have done but I still only see a small portion of my library and no playlists. It is driving me mad!

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Surely the whole point of the cloud and why I pay a subscription fee for it is to keep my music and data safe and backed up. It should be in my favour that this has all happened very recently I was using my library quite happily until 3 days ago. Nothing has worked at all. All my music is gone!!!!! Don't know what to do!!!!

If I Delete My iTunes & Then Download It Again, Will It Still Have My Music? : Help for iTunes

I tunes sucks!!!! The wi-fi is spotty, and I can't even stream Apple Music. So I try to play my owned mp3's uploaded from the absolute disaster of a music UI called iTunes - can't do that anymore either! Workout ruined. Why in the hell do ppl trust Apple with their music is beyond me. Well this has scared me off of getting Apple Music. This isn't the only place i have read about this.

It should never be this complicated. I think most of what you can get on Apple Music is also on Napster or Spotify without having to worry about stuff disappearing.

It's definitely a concern that my iCloud library isn't going to be backed up unless Apple has changed something if I don't use it for a few months. So as long as you do that, you shouldn't have too much to worry about if you're thinking of cancelling for a short while. Click the Programs And Features link to view the software applications installed on your machine.

Look down the list of installed programs and then click on the iTunes main program. Now that you've highlighted this, click the Uninstall option -- this is located just above the name column.

Use the iTunes Store

A message will be displayed asking if you are sure you want to remove iTunes from your computer -- click Yes to begin uninstalling. Once iTunes has been removed you'll also need to uninstall the QuickTime application. Uninstall this just like you did for the main iTunes program steps 3 and 4. The next software component to remove is called Apple Software Update. Again, uninstall this in exactly the same way as the two previous applications.

Yet another part of iTunes that you'll need to remove just in case the problem still remains is Apple Mobile Device Support. And, you guessed it -- repeat the same procedure as in the previous steps. The Bonjour service runs in the background and may be causing the fault you are experiencing with iTunes.