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STEEZ was hugely into numerology, fascinated with the number 47 and the symbolism that surrounds it.

Mika Says Get Hip: 21 Most Slept-On Artists

Hence why the opening line deals with him being the ghostwriter. The world wouldn't mind getting more music in the realm of " Enter the Void. When Mac Miller moved from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles he found himself within a new circle of rappers.

Mac Miller - Tetanus Shots (feat. Ab Soul)

In a good bulk of those features, Mac Miller, also known as Larry Fisherman handled the production. Ab-Soul would have the resources and freedom he desires while working with one of rap's most promising peers. Miller has the production, the budget, and sits in that unnamed middle between mainstream and underground.

Customer Reviews

I remember the days when Lupe and Gemstones were a dynamic duo. Gem is gifted, he was pulling off immaculate singing and rapping in a pre-Drake era. I believed he would crossover into the mainstream, he had the talent but chose a different path. Ab-Soul has worked with Nikki Jean, another artist that has made history with Lupe. Remember that time Ab-Soul said he was Lupe Fiasco on drugs?

Ab-Soul - The End Is Near (feat. Mac Miller)

Imagine if Ab-Soul joined the ranks. Ideally, I want the Black Hippy crew to stay united and continue to dominate. If he leaves now, or ever, we might never receive a full-length Black Hippy album. This is Ab-Soul showing the world that no matter how bad things may seem, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. He does a great job of expressing his emotions through his clever wordplay that makes the listener sit down and pay attention to what he is saying to truly find out what he means.

This album is beautifully crafted is one of the best hip-hop releases of the year. Ab-Soul has found himself back to the rapper we once knew.

Standout tracks: "D. Search for Press Esc key to exit. Do What Thou Wilt. December 9, Top Dawg Entertainment. Los Angeles. Tyler Clerkin. He has instead become, improbably, a central figure in the ongoing artistic renaissance of indie-leaning underground rap music on the West Coast.

  • Vince Staples Feat. Ab-Soul – “Killin Yall” [Prod. by Mac Miller];
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He is sitting at a large wooden table, fiddling with a pack of Parliaments and messing with a bucket hat, a wardrobe staple that links him with his newfound L. Everything really started with me having my own studio. The show, recently renewed for its second season, fits an easy storyline: young rapper blows up, makes millions, moves to L.

NPR Choice page

Miller, as one would, enjoys running amok in L. But he moved there in June of because he found that it freed him creatively. Miller toured last summer and fall before holing up in his sanctuary in the hills, making music through the winter with his newfound friends, sometimes going days without showering.

I was just in the studio, just wanting to step back from everything. Miller needed the seclusion. By his count, he had been on the road for almost the entirety of the previous two-and-a-half years. He took three months off to record Blue Slide Park , which was released in the first week of November , while he was touring.

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  8. The album sold well buoyed by a surprise No. It was the first time that many mainstream outlets had bothered to cover him, and most panned the album, sometimes viciously. Here, I am far from blameless: I wrote perhaps the most scathing review , giving the album a 1.